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Who We Are

Provide Awesome And Best Microfinance Services

ELM enterprises company limited registered with BRELA under the companies act of (2002); has a Microfinance business named “ELM Microfinance” licensed by the bank of Tanzania (BoT) operates in Dar es salaam, provides financial services to entrepreneurs, employees, and groups with common interest..

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What We Provide You

We understand the importance of financial assistance when some one needs it, it might not be matter of life or death but still it very crucial for someone to get it as its might be the only thing he/she need to take a step ahead in his/her life or business. So at ELM we have designed our products to help our customers in various situations they are facing.

  • Microfinance .

  • Insurance .

  • Saccoss .

01 About

Why Choose Us

Best Financial Solutions

Explorer our best financial services, from microfinance, insurance to the saccoss products are at your disposal with easy to access via latest technology.



We use various technologies to give our customer convenience to access our products and services.

Simple & Easy

No fancy conditions and requirement, what we need you to submit is simply basic records and your done.

Long term

We give you enough room for you and your business to grow, our repayment extends up to 12 months.

Range of Choices

ELM has range of products thats suites your needs, we give enough choices as to make sure you never miss a chance.

Express Loans

Get Loan when you need it, we have shorten our process so as to enable you to get loan as quick as possible.

Low interest

Don't spend fortune just to repay a loan, we give you reasonable interest that will give you leverage on your purposes.


Financial Education

Creating a Financial education base is a vital step towards feeling in control of your finances life and your life in general. ELM is dedicated in helping you achieve this.

How To Build a better financial future

How To Build a better financial future

Remember – if money worries make you feel anxious – you’re not alone.To feel more confident with your finances.Below are...
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