Cancellation policies & Fees

A trip to África, behaves, in occasions, a series of accidental or incidences that difficultly can be controlled, due, in its majority, for the scarce infrastructure of the country. This type of trip, needs the traveler to be predisposed, with a positive and tolerant attitude, and that any setback (damage, climatology) has been lived as a singular experience. Greatpelican will make all to solve the incidents that can happen during the trip but it cannot take the responsibility of the inconveniences that are clearly outside of his control.

Because of the great affluence of tourism in certain seasons of the year in Tanzania, the last hour reservations can suffer modifications in the requested accommodations. In that case, Greatpelican will look for alternative of similar conditions, readjusting the price if it was necessary.

If the prices of accommodations, parks fees… increase more than 5%, Greatpelican reserve the right of adjusting its prices. All the prices are susceptible of being modified until the day of the confirmation of the reservation.

The payment of the safaris hired with Greatpelican will always be in dollars.

Greatpelcan  acts as the travelers’ representative during the whole safari (accommodation, trips, transport etc.) trying that everything is developed with normality, but we are not responsible of damages, deterioration, delays or losses. The responsibility of the company toward the passengers that it transports in its own vehicles is regulated by the laws of the country where is carried out the safari. All the complains are subject to the jurisdiction of the country where is carried out the safari. we recommend to hire an insurance personal trip according to the characteristics of the travel.

If you have some complaint or reclamation during the safari, tell to the guide or the representative of Greatpelican who will make all that is in their hand to solve it.

Greatpelcan  commits to return the proportional part of the amount of the safari in the event of suffering any incident or accident whose responsibility is of Greatpelcan.

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